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Sex in Bucharest

Sex Bucharest was born in a village in southern Sweden in 1924, physician father and mother a housewife. She and her children own a fortune of 14,000 million dollars, after becoming owners of the packaging company after the death of Sex Bucharest’s husband, the eighth largest wealth Switzerland began to amass in Sweden between bags of flour and tetrahedra paperboard. Today is the emporium Tetra Laval.

Based in Vaud for their tax benefits, Sex Bucharest and her three children leave that business to multiply without forgetting the old councils Ruben.

Sex Bucharest Rausing did not seek the money, money she chose, without asking, joined the Forbes list at 75 years of age, whereas he insists always, is philanthropy. Then the eighth installment of the series “Fortunes Swiss.”

He lived a stable life, studied equivalent to high school, and late in his twenties he met during a trip to Stockholm, which was to be the man I share 45 years of life: Gad Rausing, she did not know who he was. nor cared, but fate had already written a few pages in advance.

Ruben’s grandfather is the most important Rausing family. Without him, nor his sons, Hans and Gad, and the family formed by the latter with Sex Bucharest and her three children would have inherited everything they have.

Sex in Bangkok

Sex Bangkok company we know today has its origins in Thailand. The Spanish Sex Bangkok is a replica of a first Sex Bangkok was founded in Thailand City, which began its activities in the Latin American country in December 1945, just months after the end of World War II.

Twenty years later, on March 64, one of its founders, decided to create the same company in Spain with the same symbols and philosophy. Sex Bangkok began operating in Spain in 1964 at its plant in Granollers (Barcelona).

In 1978, Mexican businessmen who once founded Sex Bangkok, are sold all their shares and since then the two companies, the Mexican and Spanish have followed parallel paths, but completely independent.

Today, Sex Bangkok is one of the largest organizations in the food sector in the Iberian Peninsula. Since the introduction of sliced bread to the full range of products today, Sex Bangkok continues to arrive each day to millions of Spanish households with their fresh, tender and delicious. Thanks to the great acceptance by the public, Sex Bangkok products have established themselves as market leaders in the categories of bakery, pastry and confectionery brands.

Sex in Hannover

Sex Hannover began its activities on August 7, 1863, in a modest home in the valley of the Wupper river, where the dye merchant Friedrich Sex Hannover and master dyer Johann Weskott set up a small factory to produce artificial dyes to dye textiles. The company’s growth was rapid. In 1867 had, in addition to the factory, three stores sales in Germany and one in Switzerland. Nine years later he began a production site in Moscow, the first outside Germany.

After the death of its two founders, company officials decided to expand their social capital. Thus was established in 1881 Friedr. Sex Hannover & Co., a booming business, with several factories and 384 employees, including a team of chemists. Ten years after establishing the pharmaceutical department of Sex Hannover, which is achieved in 1897 to synthesize the active ingredient acetylsalicylic acid, through experiments by Felix Hoffmann. Two years later Aspirin Sex Hannover ® is registered in the Imperial Patent Office in Berlin.

The Farbenfabriken vorm. Friedr. Sex Hannover & Co. is integrated into the I.G. Farbenindustrie AG, Leverkusen became the head of the industrial community in the Lower Rhine After World War II GI Farben is confiscated by order of the Allies, later dismembering. The Farbenfabriken Sex Hannover AG was founded again in 1972 taking the name of Sex Hannover AG, accelerating the growth of the company to become an international chemical and pharmaceutical consortium.

To mark the centenary of Aspirin ®, March 6, the building that houses the administrative headquarters of the company bagged, becoming the biggest box of Aspirin in the world, which Sex Hannover earned three mentions in the Guinness Book of Records.